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Product name:GY-1HP Industrial Chiller
Update time:2016.01.23
Heating Material: steel,iron,stainless steel,silver,gold,aluminum,brass,zinc,etc.
Material Shape: bar,steel rod,billet,gear,shaft,tungsten steel,pipe,flat,pot,etc

Product Details:

GY-1HP Industrial Chiller

1. The industrial chiller is divided into two categories: Water-cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller.

Water-cooles chiller cooled by water, using with cooling tower and water pump, the other cooled by fan,

can be used independently.

2. Our compressor is imported from Italy, France and so on, being of high-quality built-in safe protection,

with low noise, the electricity of province is durable.

3. Cooling capacity range: 9.8kw~189kw

4. Normal conditions: Chilled water inlet temperature is 20 degrees, outlet temperature is 15 degrees.

Cooling water inlet temperature is 30 degrees, outlet temperature is 35 degrees. But the temperature can

be set in 5-30 degress range according to customers' request, and the lowest temperature can arrive -25 degress.

5. Stardard Input power: 3P-380V-50Hz, Allowable fluctuate voltage: ± 10%, allowable voltage difference in phase:

± 2%, Can also be customized according to customers'request

6. The quantity of compressor can be one or two, each compressor is independent refrigeration system.

Each other run independently. When the one is working, the other can be working or not.

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