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Product name:100KW Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment
Update time:2016.04.12
Heating Material: steel,iron,stainless steel,silver,gold,aluminum,brass,zinc,etc.
Material Shape: bar,steel rod,billet,gear,shaft,tungsten steel,pipe,flat,pot,etc

Product Details:

100KW Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

Guangyuan as induction heating machine manufacture which found in 2000.Over these years we 

had develop the reliable quality products.Products divide high frequency,medium frequency,super 

audio frequency,ultrahigh frequency.In order to fit customer requirement,we had produce special 

input voltage products,such as three phase 110V,220V,450V,480V.Also now good have further step,

design full automated system,such as melting furnace,forging furnace,hardening fixture and so on.

Our induction heating machine better performance at hot forging, hardening,heattreatment,brazing,

bending,melting,annealing,shrink fitting and so on.


· Forging(Bar,flat plate,bar end heating,pipe ends,bar end heating)

· Pre-heating(Pipe,steel wire,stainless steel wire)

· Brazing(Saw blades,carbide tools,cooper tube,aluminum part,drilling tools,Pan)

· Annealing(Steel pipe,golf ball head,brass lock,aluminum pan)

· Hardening(Gear,shaft,pipe,bearing,pump fitting,steel plate,roller)

· shrink fitting(motor,pipe)

· Melting(Iron,steel,brass,aluminum,silver,zinc)


· Nearly 20 years experience, stable and goods performance

· CE,SGC,FCC,ROSH  certificated

· Cooperated with GM,VOLVO,HONDA and so on.

· Suitable for a large range, heating, quenching, forging, melting, soldering and so on.

· Less environment pollution

· High efficiency,high output&high reliability

· Small size &light weight

· Work continuously for 24 hours

Main characteristics:

  • Siemens IGBT module and Inverting technologies of third generation been used; 
  • Higher reliability and lower maintenance cost.
  • 100% Duty cycle, continuous working is allowed at maximum power output.
  • Display of heating power and heating current and oscillating frequency;
  • Simple to install, Installation can be done by unprofessional person very easily;
  • Small size &Light weight
  • Advantages of the model with timer: The power and the operating time of the heating
  • period and the retain period can be preset respectively, to realize a simple heating curve,
  • this model is suggested to use for batch production to improve the repeatability;
  • Constant current or constant power status can be selected accordingly to achieve higher
  • heating efficiency;


Model GYM-100AB (Three phase)
work power 340V-430V
Maximum input current   150A
Output power   100KW
fluctuating frequency 1-20KHZ
output current 400-4000A
the flow rate of cooling water 0.08-0.16Mpa 10L/Min
water temperature protection point 50C
product size main : 820x600x1060mm
transformer : 870x430x750 mm
net weight main : 110gks
transformer : 79.5kgs

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