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Product name:Induction Furnace For 50KG iron
Update time:2016.07.20
Heating Material: steel,iron,stainless steel,silver,gold,aluminum,brass,zinc,etc.
Material Shape: bar,steel rod,billet,gear,shaft,tungsten steel,pipe,flat,pot,etc

Product Details:

Induction Furnace For 50KG iron

Main Parts Of the melting furnace system

1>M.F Induction Heating Generator Power Supply

2>Melting Furnace

Main Character Of IGBT melting furnace

1> IGBT Control power supply,own high efficient,small size,light weight.Can constant work 24 hours.

2>Suitable for steel,iron,copper,brass,gold,silver,zinc,aluminum and etc.

3>Fast melting,low noise,good for environment.

4>Easy change graphite crucible.

5>SGS,CE,ROSH,FCC Approve.

Advantage of IGBT Induction Melting Furnace:

A> Fast heating
B> Wide coverage heating
C>Easy installation
D>Easy operation
E>Fast start-up
F>Low power consumption
G>High effectiveness
H>Comprehensive protection
I>Controllable temperature
J>Comprehensive full load design
K>Small size and light weight
L>Elimination of high voltage


Model Steel,Iron Copper,brass,silver Aluminum
GY-15KW  1~10KG 3KG
GY-25KW 5KG 20KG 6KG
GY-40KW 10KG 40KG 15KG
GY-60KW 25KG 60KG 30KG
GY-100KW 50KG 150KG 70KG
GY-160KW 100KG 200KG 100KG
GY-200KW 250KG 200KG

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