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Product name:Induction Hardening Machine
Update time:2016.08.11
Heating Material: steel,iron,stainless steel,silver,gold,aluminum,brass,zinc,etc.
Material Shape: bar,steel rod,billet,gear,shaft,tungsten steel,pipe,flat,pot,etc

Product Details:

PLC Control Full Automatic Induction Hardening Machine Tools For Shaft,Roller


Induction hardening machine tools are used together with high and medium or super-audio frequency heating devices. For the purpose of conducting heat treatment of work pieces based on their own specificity the hardening equipment falls into: Hardening type, annealing type, tempering type, quenching type, welding and thermoforming type etc.

Hardening machine tools are generally classified as standard and special, the traditional ways are mechanic, hydraulic and compound. The control parts adopt PC control system, ple CNC and PLC system. Which ensure reliable program running, accurate position, easy operation, high automation. It can improve significantly the hardening quality.

Capability characteristic:

1. Adopt beeline bearing, high precision, little attrition, life length.
2. Ball bearing pole driving, serve electrical driving, high precision, life length.
3. Numerical control system is controlling, keyboard input, memory quenching procedure, working procedure is auto controlling.
4. Actualize shift, running calm, high orientation precision. Operation easily.

Main Part:

1>Induction Hardening Machine Tools

2> Quenching Station Opotion 1staion,2 station

3>Heating power supply opotation high frequency and super audio frequency

Our Strengths

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Maximum clamping parts length 1000mm
Maximum quenching diamention 100mm
Maximum workpiece weight 50kg
Workpiece travel speed 1-30mm/s
Workpiece updown speed 120mm/s
Rotating speed 1-200r/min
Cooling way immersion ,spray,
Machine size after packing 2440*1320*900MM
Operation automatically or manually

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